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Sometimes you need a lawyer. Sometimes you need an accountant. Sometimes you need legal help regarding taxes and financial planning. The good news is The Law Offices of Lawrence Israeloff, PLLC can help you on all counts.

The Law Offices of Lawrence Israeloff, PLLC provides valuable, intelligent, and creative solutions to address our clients’ business, financial, tax and legal matters. Lawrence Israeloff, Esq., CPA, CFP® is an experienced attorney, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and Certified Financial Planner Professional (CFP®), providing a one-stop shop for our clients’ tax, accounting, trusts and estate planning, and business management needs.

The Law Offices of Lawrence Israeloff, PLLC has helped thousands of families and their New York businesses navigate smoothly through the tricky waters of the federal, state, and local tax laws. Our multidisciplinary approach to client service ensures that our clients stay in compliance with the complex thicket of financial and business rules, regulations, and filings so they can focus on achieving their personal and business goals.

We are your lawyer, your accountant, and your tax return preparer. Due to our expansive knowledge of and long experience with tax law, trusts, estate planning, retirement planning, insurance planning, accounting, and personal financial planning, we have saved our clients millions of dollars in taxes and helped thousands of people succeed and thrive.

We can help you as well. So when you need a tax lawyer, a CPA and/or a CFP®, know that we are here for you.

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